Eco Propel Cognitive Pump Technology


Thermal Solutions proudly announces Eco Propel, variable speed cognitive pump control for all Apex condensing models.

Pre-engineered and fully tested, Eco Propel integrates boiler firing rate with pump speeds improving boiler and system efficiency while reducing electrical consumption.  Demand is calculated based on supply temperature, return temperature, and boiler firing rate determined from outdoor air sensor, header sensor, or set-point.  A 0-10v signal is communicated to pump to harmonize this operation and ensure desired flow and constant delta T across all firing rates.

A single kit does it all. Simply “touch” and select boiler model, pump manufacturer, and desired delta T from Concert Boiler Control screen.  No complex programming on pump and each optional kit is capable of 20 to 35 degree delta T.  It doesn’t get any easier.

Typical on/off pumps are sized to provide full flow and run at constant maximum speeds despite most heating systems needing this capacity just 15% of the entire heating season.  Eco Propel reduces pump speeds as much as 85% under single-speed pumps eliminating wasteful over-pumping and reducing electrical utility costs.

Benefits don’t stop with lower electric bills, boiler efficiencies also increase by maintaining the desired delta T across inlet and outlet temperatures throughout the boiler’s entire firing rate spectrum.  Eco Propel actually lowers returning water temperatures inducing more condensate from flue gas and prolongs the conditions required for condensing to occur.  Simply put, you will condense more with this control and better utilize the technology of these boilers regardless of system conditions.  If you’re not using Eco Propel, you’re simply not optimizing your condensing boiler and overall system performance.

Read the attached study on total savings that can be achieved and the return on investment within 1 year (Eco Propel Payback)

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