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Calling a vertical condensing boiler a firetube is an insult to "old reliable." Longevity, reliability, and serviceable heat exchangers ensuring deep life-cycle benefits to clients have absolutely nothing in common with todays condensing firetubes. Find out the inherit ant flaws in every vertical condensing design and exodus from vertical condensing firetube platform.



Peril’s First Lesson: Change Always Comes

Welcome to “Peril,” a series focused on vertical firetube condensing boilers.  Largely based on the “fire” generated from the original whitepaper, “The Perils of Firetube Condensing Boilers”, published January of 2020 and available HERE .

Each addition will provide more detail regarding marketplace trends, competitive products, and assertions from the article.  It seems there are many others out there experiencing “Peril”, questioning the vertical firetube condensing  design and wondering where to go to next.

Peril’s First Lesson : Change always comes

The KC 1000 condensing boiler appeared in 1988 and 9 years later the Benchmark surfaced in 1997 establishing the “standard” characteristics of what condensing boilers must posses.   Oddly the market remains focused on traits of 1st condensing products steeped in “marketing” less pressure drop, variable primary piping, and footprint.   This is the high end of the market, 23 years of the same thing is a long time.  History shows in the move to higher efficiency, this model has peaked and is under siege from better performing products.  Products that combine desired waterside characteristics of 1st models with stress-releasing designs providing longevity and common sense access for service & repair-ability those 1st models (and largest condensing players today) neglect.  This should come as no surprise, products get smaller, faster, better, smaller all the time, condensing boilers are not immune to this change.

Let’s start with commercial steel  and cast iron folks this past century.  Water tube and firetube boilers were constructed and many buildings were built around them.  When those boilers needed replacing cast iron sections could be easily hauled in assembled on site and gained favor.  These two guys battled each other for decades with cast iron controlling a majority of lighter commercial applications and steel folks moving into larger applications until Mr. Copper boiler showed up representing better efficiency and smaller footprints. (hmmm does this sound familiar?) In about a decade, copper took nearly half of the boiler volume that was previously enjoyed by the steel and cast iron folks and stood atop of the high efficiency boiler market.

The move to copper signifies a market shift to higher efficiency products, a sign of times ahead. Commercial Copper appeared in the late 1980’s and dominance peaked in 1st decade of the 2000’s.  Once again (funny how history repeats itself) in about a decade or more, condensing products displaced copper as the high end solution.

This bring us up to today, commercial condensing units (300mbh and up) have surpassed all non- condensing unit volume and are largely still based on the “benchmark” introduction of 1997. History tells us the current run of condensing products based on the introduction 23 years ago is ripe for major change.  History tells us the next product of choice within condensing is already here  and is displacing units from the top two condensing competitors still “out marketing” their same old message. Look at the ad spend these two giants have, have you seen a trade rag without both of them?   A ton of relentless spend that has engineers believing there is no other option, no other choice, no better product….

Are we not at that same moment in time when copper displaced steel & cast iron?  Are we not at the same point when condensing took from copper?

The products are here.  They are watertubes.  They use the same size pumps and the same piping arrangements.  They are smaller, they are serviceable, they are repairable, and they are better.  Are you ready for change?


“Peril” Reigns at AHR Orlando

Yes, this dragon is amazing!

Sonia Frush created “Peril” based on the “fire” generated from the original whitepaper, “The Perils of Firetube Condensing Boilers”, published nationally January of 2020 and available at   The article showcases the “me too” movement in the industry of similar vertical designs and the “Peril” placed upon engineer, contractor, and owner by using the “accepted” standard.  “We can do so much better than unserviceable and throw away commercial condensing boilers,” states Ms. Frush.   The T-shirts were a huge hit and we are getting requests for other items to feature Peril.

Thermal Solutions proudly displayed the AMP condensing boiler and water heater series from 1000-4000mbh and the Arctic Condensing Series from 1000-6000mbh at AHR Orlando.  Both products eliminate peril and are serviceable, unlike any other condensing products in the industry.  Follow @ThermalSolutionsProducts on LinkedIn to get the latest updates on “The Perils of Vertical Firetubes”!


The Perils of Firetube Condensing

Copper replaced cast iron and condensing firetubes replaced copper, but what's next?  How about a condensing boiler designed to move naturally with exposure to heat.  A condensing boiler built around the thought of service AFTER the sale.  A condensing boiler that is field repairable...the Arctic Series by Thermal Solutions.  1000-6000 MBH with natural, LP and dual fuel options, the Arctic delivers features based on common sense, not the common crowd.

Click HERE to learn more about the end of vertical firetubes.



Burnham Holdings Center for HVAC Technology

PHCP Pros, your professional plumbing, heating, cooling & piping community, highlights the Burnham Holdings Inc. Center for HVAC Technology Grand Opening on April 10, 2019. The Burnham Holdings Center for HVAC Technology is the newest edition to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology located in Lancaster, PA.  The HVAC Center gives students hands on experience with systems donated by U.S. Boiler Company and Thermal Solutions...

Learn more about the collaboration here.

Tru-O2 20:1 without all the excess air

Tru-O2 20:1 Without all the Excess Air

Available on the Arctic 3500-6000MBH Condensing Boilers, Tru-O2 delivers reliable turndown without the gimmicks.

  • Constant O2 at highest and lowest fire setting
  • Consistent dew point throughout turndown range
  • Independent ignition position
  • 9 point curve for adjustment

Download the Brochure or Contact Us to learn more.

AMP – Stainless Steel Commercial Condensing Hot Water Boiler


AMP, the new condensing boiler series from  Thermal® Solutions providing unprecedented MAXIMUM output in MINIMAL space.  Who said bigger is better?  Our series averages 46% less required space than competitive models with 97% Thermal Efficiency.  With an optional racking system, you can place twice the BTU’s in the same footprint!

The pace of change and improvement is relentless, yet somehow commercial condensing boilers have been immune.  With so many imitations in the marketplace, perhaps the “me too” became standard in the industry.  AMP provides efficient and compact design coupled with minimal piping requirements, distinguishing boiler rooms for years to come.

Start the New Era today with Thermal Solutions!

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AHR Expo in Las Vegas, January 30 thru February 1, 2017

AHR Expo Booth C1136

Thermal Solutions will be showcasing it's newest products and innovations at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Convention Center) on January 30 thru February 1, 2017.

On display will be:

Arctic Condensing Boiler:Seal of Certainty

  • 95% Thermal Efficiency
  • 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 MBH Sizes
  • Knockdown or Fully Packaged
  • Field-Repairable Heat Exchanger
  • Variable-Primary or Primary/Secondary Piping
  • Lifetime Seal
  • Concert Touch Screen Display
  • Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

Apex Condensing Boiler:Apex badge art, Alt1

  • 95% Thermal Efficiency
  • 425, 525, 625, 725, 825 Models
  • Advanced Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Lowest Water Pressure Drop in Class
  • Minimized Electrical Consumption
  • Stackable; Space Savings With No Need for Stand
  • Concert Touch Screen Display

H2OMAX Heat Exchanger:H2O max badge5 - Less TS and border

  • The Leader in Performance, High Efficiency and Longevity
  • 40% Savings vs Tank-Type Heaters
  • Instantaneous and Continuous
  • Versatile - Potable Water, Buffer Tank, Pool Heater, Sanitization or Glycol Zone
  • 3X the Output of Stainless Steel Indirects
  • No Anodes or Special Lining
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Eco Propel Variable Speed Cognitive Pump Technology:ECO-Propel-logo-small

  • How the Industry Missed True ROI
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • No Complex Programming on Pumps
  • Real Time Performance Monitoring
  • Up to 89% Electrical Savings
  • Up to 3% Fuel Savings (the BIG story and key to ROI)

Conductor Hydronic Sequencer:

  • Harmonizing New and Existing Boilers - Up to 8 UnitsConductor Logo
  • Boilers of All Shapes & Sizes
    • Hot Water or Steam
    • Small or Large
    • Modulating or Not
    • Condensing or Non-Condensing
  • Energy Management System Single-Point of Contact
  • Maximizes Energy Savings
  • Minimizes Boilers Cycling to Prolong Longevity
  • Auxiliary Equipment Control

Stop by our booth, C1136, and learn more about our expanding product line!