Vino’s Vine: Venting and Combustion Air Guidelines For Thermal Solutions Boilers

Proper venting of flue gases and appropriate combustion air intake considerations are critical elements to the boiler’s operation, performance, longevity and overall safety of others.  Here are some common inquiries that I have summarized regarding venting and combustion air intake “do’s” and “don’ts”... Vino's Vine - #4, Venting and Combustion Air for the Thermal Solutions Boiler

Vino’s Vine – Diagnosing Fault Codes on Flame Safeuard

As manager of Tech Services, it probably comes as no surprise I spend some time discussing fault codes and corresponding corrective actions.  If there is only one thing you ever do, because I recommended you to do so, is this … GET A HONEYWELL KEYBOARD DISPLAY MODULE  … it pinpoints the issue and saves hours of time. Read on here: Vinos Vine - Flame Safeguard Fault Code Diagnostics; Honeywell Trouble Shooting for TS boilers - Blinking Codes; Honeywell Trouble Shooting for TS boilers - Keyboard Display Module

Tech Tips Launches “Burner Must Knows”

Hello, I’m Joyce Vino, Manager of Tech. Services for Thermal Solutions.  Welcome to “Vino’s Vine,” an informative series of tips, do’s and don’ts, and must know facts surrounding the industry and many facets of Thermal Solutions condensing boilers, non-condensing boilers, and water heaters.