“Peril” Reigns at AHR Orlando

Yes, this dragon is amazing!

Sonia Frush created “Peril” based on the “fire” generated from the original whitepaper, “The Perils of Firetube Condensing Boilers”, published nationally January of 2020 and available at https://www.thermalsolutions.com/the-perils-of-firetube-condensing/.   The article showcases the “me too” movement in the industry of similar vertical designs and the “Peril” placed upon engineer, contractor, and owner by using the “accepted” standard.  “We can do so much better than unserviceable and throw away commercial condensing boilers,” states Ms. Frush.   The T-shirts were a huge hit and we are getting requests for other items to feature Peril.

Thermal Solutions proudly displayed the AMP condensing boiler and water heater series from 1000-4000mbh and the Arctic Condensing Series from 1000-6000mbh at AHR Orlando.  Both products eliminate peril and are serviceable, unlike any other condensing products in the industry.  Follow @ThermalSolutionsProducts on LinkedIn to get the latest updates on “The Perils of Vertical Firetubes”!


The Perils of Firetube Condensing

Copper replaced cast iron and condensing firetubes replaced copper, but what's next?  How about a condensing boiler designed to move naturally with exposure to heat.  A condensing boiler built around the thought of service AFTER the sale.  A condensing boiler that is field repairable...the Arctic Series by Thermal Solutions.  1000-6000 MBH with natural, LP and dual fuel options, the Arctic delivers features based on common sense, not the common crowd.

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Burnham Holdings Center for HVAC Technology

PHCP Pros, your professional plumbing, heating, cooling & piping community, highlights the Burnham Holdings Inc. Center for HVAC Technology Grand Opening on April 10, 2019. The Burnham Holdings Center for HVAC Technology is the newest edition to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology located in Lancaster, PA.  The HVAC Center gives students hands on experience with systems donated by U.S. Boiler Company and Thermal Solutions...

Learn more about the collaboration here.

Tru-O2 20:1 without all the excess air

Tru-O2 20:1 Without all the Excess Air

Available on the Arctic 3500-6000MBH Condensing Boilers, Tru-O2 delivers reliable turndown without the gimmicks.

  • Constant O2 at highest and lowest fire setting
  • Consistent dew point throughout turndown range
  • Independent ignition position
  • 9 point curve for adjustment

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