Vino’s Vine: Venting and Combustion Air Guidelines For Thermal Solutions Boilers

Proper venting of flue gases and appropriate combustion air intake considerations are critical elements to the boiler’s operation, performance, longevity and overall safety of others.  Here are some common inquiries that I have summarized regarding venting and combustion air intake “do’s” and “don’ts”... Vino's Vine - #4, Venting and Combustion Air for the Thermal Solutions Boiler

NEW Condensing Video!

Thermal Solutions has created a new product video featuring its Evolution Condensing Boiler ( ) that illustrates the advantages it has of delivering ultra high efficiency performance at the same time providing long-lasting reliability ...  a two-pronged claim the competition can't meet! 

You can view this new product video, along with other videos, on our YouTube Channel  We have formatted it for viewing in HD quality on your computer or on your Apple products.