Vino’s Vine – Diagnosing Fault Codes on Flame Safeuard

As manager of Tech Services, it probably comes as no surprise I spend some time discussing fault codes and corresponding corrective actions.  If there is only one thing you ever do, because I recommended you to do so, is this … GET A HONEYWELL KEYBOARD DISPLAY MODULE  … it pinpoints the issue and saves hours of time. Read on here: Vinos Vine - Flame Safeguard Fault Code Diagnostics; Honeywell Trouble Shooting for TS boilers - Blinking Codes; Honeywell Trouble Shooting for TS boilers - Keyboard Display Module

Thermal Solutions’ Evolution Boilers Make a “Big Splash” at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Great Wolf Lodge is North America's largest family of indoor waterpark resorts.  Of the twelve (12) locations in the United States and Canada, Thermal Solutions has nearly forty (40) boilers and water heaters installed in eight (8) of those locations. To highlight one is the Niagara Falls Lodge & Waterpark ... READ ON here (Case Study - Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, Ontario) and/or SEE THE VIDEO (Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls)

New Control Enhances Communication with Building Management Systems

Introducing the Thermal Solutions Communications Gateway (TSCG):  The Thermal Solutions Communications Gateway provides a virtual “plug-and-play” multi-protocol, multi-configuration gateway package that allows selection of a variety of communication protocols and configurations from one device … simply by selecting the proper DIP switches!  Read more about it here - Thermal Solutions Communication Gateway