Thermal Solutions Provides Innovative Equipment for High Efficiency Heating with Hot Water Systems

Thermal Solutions Products, LLC has designed the Evolution high efficiency copper-finned boilers and water heaters to meet the needs of today's commercial heating requirements. The Evolution takes the very best of existing copper-finned boiler and water heater technology to the next level by incorporating a list of design features not found in all products. Real-life serviceability, exceptional heat exchanger, advanced combustion design made simple, and unique timesaving controls are all combined in a compact quick-connect package with efficiencies of up to 97%. The Evolution is truly a step above the rest.

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  • The ONLY boiler company that manufactures copper boilers
  • Robust design for longer life
  • Environmentally friendly - ultra low Nox and highly efficient
  • Easy to service and install
  • Serviceable efficiency, exceptional heat transfer
Evolution high efficiency water boilers
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  • Rugged Heat Exchanger Design
  • Unmatched Heating Surface
  • Maintenance Free Burner
green mountains
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Condensing Ultra High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers
  • AHRI Certified efficiencies up to 97%
  • 399 to 3000 MBH Input
  • Proven Condensing Design
  • Unmatched Control System
  • Low NOx Emissions
  • Stackable Without a Rack
Solaris med efficiency hot water boiler
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  • Feature-Rich Operating Control
  • Intelligent Multiple Boiler Staging
  • Building Management
    System Interface
Evolution High Efficiency Water Boiler
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